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Window Treatments:  A Primary Element of Home Design 

Window treatments have come a long way since animal skins and oilcloth were thrown across the tiny apertures that passed for windows in primitive dwellings.  The word "window", from the Norse, literally means "eye of the house through which the wind enters".  Over the past decade window treatments have evolved into an art form and have come to be a primary element of home design - an art that can bring beauty & comfort to every room in your house.

Secrets to Home Decorating Success

There are many types of window treatments to choose from in a variety of styles, material, colors and fabrics. They include curtains, blinds, shutters, shades, draperies, valances, or swags. Each may be adored with decorative curtain rods and finials. You can get wood, magnetic, and wrought iron curtain rods and hardware.


Successful window treatments introduce a combination of style & decoration to a room. They are called upon to be both aesthetical and a functional-key in design to not only set or match the tone of a room but also deliver light control, privacy, and views on demand. 

The style of your window treatments ie. mini or vertical blinds, interior or exterior shutters, window shades, and draperies will be determined by many factors:  size and shape of your window, design theme to achieve, furniture used in the room, architectural features, the need to control light and function-privacy needed.

Important aesthetic factors will also influence the way you choose your window treatments too.  For instance, the architectural style of a Victorian house will call for billowing curtains with swags, fringe and lace panels and decorative rods, and decorative finials.  A city apartment with a contemporary flair might have sheer curtains and blinds, and magnetic curtain rods, while a country decor may choose wood shutters and ruffled valances.

The principal function of the room will also suggest the most logical solutions for window treatments-curtains, blinds, draperies, and fabric shades add to romance & intimacy in a bedroom.  The home office, increasingly common, might have wood blinds, and wood curtain rods, Roman shades, and top treatments with accommodating finials to complete the look you want. 

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