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Wallpapers: Numerous choices to choose including murals, painting, borders, to enhance your home decor

Wallpapers give you numerous choices today, from colors, to textures, patters, and materials, and can be renewed and changed with minimal ease and costs.  As an integral part of the whole design concept, wallpapers should be carefully considered and selected and does not have to be the same in each room.  Wallpapers which can include an array of wallcovering can include paints, murals, decorative borders, faux finishing, cork, wood paneling, and  fabric. The most sought for is imperial brewster and seabrook.

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Paint is probably the most widely used of all wallpapers, because of its infinite range of color possibilities, textures such as faux painting to complete murals and low cost.  Painting is also a very easy application and anyone can do it.  Unless of course, you are applying an unusual technique, which you may have to consider hiring a professional.

Wallpaper is a popular choice for coverings offering a variety of colors, patterns & textures.  But it's not an easy process to install so you may consider hiring an expert wallpaper hanger to do the job.

Wood paneling with the simple paneling of  tongue-and-groove boards are a very warm and comfortable choice and may be used in lieu of wallpapers.  Wood adds a natural look to any room and is widely used when wanting to achieve a Zen design theme.

Wall tiles make great substitutes to wallpapers and a very popular choice in today's designs.  With so many textures, patterns and materials to choose from, it's the perfect choice for rooms where there will be water or steam, like kitchens, bathrooms, spas and pools. Glass & mirror coverings are used if trying to achieve an illusion of increased space.  Of course mirrors are used if you are wanting to reflect certain images back into the room.

Fabric wallpapers are often used in luxurious interiors of traditional design.  Some choices are satins, silks, brocades, suede's, and leathers. You may also customize the look by adding colorful, patterned wall paper borders to give your design a unique flair. 

Stone wallcoverings, as in marble or granite tiles is widely used today for its elegance and yet, can be used in a casual environment.  Other choices are slate and limestone.


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