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Home Decorating -- Pottery & Ceramic 

Pottery & Ceramic fun with floor tile, vases, and polished pottery 

Pottery and ceramic can be a great addition to your home decorating. They come in many sizes, shapes, colors, styles and designs, from hand painted clay pottery to glazed and fired ceramic floor tiles.  These art forms are numerous in selection and a "must have" for your home decor.  Unique and individual is each piece and can come from many countries such as Italy, Spain and Mexico.  Pottery and ceramic can be Mexican, Southwestern, Greek, Indian, African, Italian, Egyptian and Native American.


Types of pottery and ceramic are decorative vases and urns, plates, pots and bowls, mugs, cups and saucers, candle holders and many selections of tableware and flat iron.  Pottery can come with a coating of bisque, glazed and polished.  Some are meticulously hand painted and are very expensive.  Many figurines are made of pottery and ceramic and are considered to be collectors items even antiques.  You'll also find beautiful ceramic sculptures and fountains made of pottery and pools lined with decorative ceramic tiles.

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You can include ceramic tile murals and mosaics on your kitchen or bathroom walls and floors to fit right in with your design theme.  You'll find ceramic counter tops and backsplashes for your kitchen.  Beautiful hanging pottery and ceramic planters can adorn your plants for your living room or patio. There are great finds for pottery and ceramic at wholesale and discounted prices.

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