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Working With Textures:

How does it look and feel? Does it beg to be touched? Is it aesthetically exciting and interesting? Texture appeals strongly to the senses of sight and touch.

Create interest by accenting with a variety of textures in your space. Think in terms of opposites: smooth or rough, shiny or dull, hard or soft, polished or matte.


Furniture also has textures of exposed wood, metal and other frames. Rattan chairs with white linen fabric is a very interesting mix. Contrast your leather sofa with fur and silk accent pillows. Add a touch of texture by laying a soft, chenille throw(blanket) across your favorite lounge chair.

Texture is also equally important on floors, walls and ceilings. Walls become much more interesting with paint textures or finishes in satin, matte or eggshell. Another paint option is to faux paint your walls to replicate another texture, like suede or marble and many others.

Secrets to Home Decorating Success 

Apply textures on the floors, like area rugs made of wool, or needlepoint. Remember, texture is all about contrasts, the more contrast, the less unity.

Textures are found in our accessories, furniture, walls, floors, and ceilings and are a vital part of our interiors for accent and interest. Take advantage of the many choices of textures to transform a once boring room into vitality and life! Textures create depth, interest, and good design. 

*Ideas: Consider the following textures: wood, clay, wrought iron, bamboo, stainless steel, fur, cotton, linen, leather, tapestries, chenille, silk, metal, wicker, rattan, aluminum, glass, sea grass suede, velvet, corduroy, stone, brick, and copper are just some examples. 


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