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Living Room Furniture: Living Room Design for Multi-tasks

As like eating spaces, living room furniture should be arranged to cater to a number of different uses.  Besides a place to sit, watch TV, and enjoy family, the living room is also an entertainment source for friends, where music and social gatherings come together.

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And part of the room may be used for dining, which will have to be considered in the general layout or floor plan. Living room furniture generally consist of sofas, chairs, love seats, accent chairs, cocktail tables, end tables, futons, lamps, pillows, and rugs.  

When planning for living room furniture consider the dimensions of the room. If the room is tall, there may be a possibility of creating a mezzanine or balcony area where one or two of the functions of the living room could be located, freeing up space on the lower level.  If the room is large, you will have to consider 2-3 conversational groupings within the space. 

The living room design layout, will first have to be determined by the room's  focal point.  It may be the fireplace or a large picture window.  Place the seating arrangement, or conversational grouping within the area of the focal point.  Your conversational grouping will start with your most dominant piece, the sofa, 1-2 depending on the space you have to work with, and follow with the smaller pieces, the lounge chairs, end tables, accent chairs, cocktail tables, futons etc. 

Of course you must consider the functions of the room when shopping for living room furniture - will there be a TV in the room?  Should you allow space for the music area?  What about a reading area?  Will you be eating there?  There will be many considerations that must go into this multi-tasked space. Consider, color, space planning, furniture, such as sofa, lounge and accent chairs, cocktail tables and end tables, flooring, wall covering, lighting, paint or wall paper, and accessories.   

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