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Home Decorating -- Decorating Kids Rooms 

Home Decorating Ideas For Kids Rooms 

Everyone always asks for tips and ideas on decorating kids rooms and we know why.  This is definitely one room in the home that is the most fun to decorate.  No matter what age your child is, toddler or teen, your child can get excited and appreciate a playroom designed with their tastes in mind.

So get your child involved with decorating with his or her input and creativity.  You'll be surprised just how easy it really can be to decorate kids rooms.  It can be an enjoyable and exciting project for all.  And you'll learn that even at a young age, kids have styles already chosen to their liking.  With all that is dear to them, like a favorite blanket, a favorite color, or a favorite rocking chair, their playroom will be a special retreat for them.     

Start with a design theme, as with any project, from color concepts to space planning and ending with furniture, fabric, window treatment, and accessory selections, such as linen and rugs.  Your theme can be your child's favorite sport or cartoon character.  Consider his or her favorite colors and splash color on the walls.

Furniture can be painted or decaled with colors or cartoon characters used in the design theme.  Linen, such as comforter and sheets can also be colorful.  Furniture pieces, like a storage bench can be used as seating as well as a storage bin for toys and blankets.  Make sure to include a splash of color on the floor, like an area rug.

Space saver crates and boxes, which are found in many color selections, can be neatly stored on wall shelving units and are an inexpensive way to store the toys away.

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