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How To Create Zen & Feng Shui Gardens 

The Japanese and Chinese gardens of Zen & Feng Shui are increasingly becoming the answer to our hectic and stressful lifestyles. With balance, harmony and simplicity as the guiding principles behind the Zen home gardens, it's no wonder why this quest for peace and tranquility ends up here, where calm and the natural world come together as one. The Zen and Feng Shui home garden is designed to be a place of escape from the demands of a hard days work.  Your place of solitude to relax and enjoy your plants, and flower and gardens, and get comfortable in your favorite chair, bench or garden furniture.

Everything in a Zen or Chinese garden design is strategically placed to highlight its beauty.  Water is an integral part of a Zen home garden with pebble and stone pathways and arched bridges to provide different vistas over them.  The gentle splashing of koi fish in the water garden or the moving waterfall trickling down and off stacked rocks into a pond of sleeping water lillies and overhanging plants are important key garden features.

Every plant or tree in your Zen home garden design is endowed with yin or yang like Jasmine or bamboo, or the beauty of a single flower against a rocky ledge.  Garden decor will typically consist of many key objects such as: plants and trees, water-ponds, waterfalls and fountains, rock, pebbles and stones, the moon gate and trellis, fountains and statues, Japanese lanterns and plant lighting, ornamental pots, terracotta pots and urns, benches, chairs and teakwood furniture, sundials, wind chimes, stained glass, bamboo, water lillies, koi fish. 

Other key elements are the types of Chinese and Japanese art pieces you select for your Zen and Feng Shui outdoor garden designs. You may blend the natural elements of stone, pond fountains, waterfalls, and plants with little touches of oriental or tropical artifacts to create a more natural environment. See also outdoor garden gazebos and design for plans to incorporate hot tubs and spas, or Gazebo Plans With Zen & Japanese Gardens.

You can get your Zen, Feng Shui, and Japanese garden supplies online. Many of the outdoor flower and gardens accessories that you will need such as pond fountains, statues, bamboo, and other supplies are available at the sources on this site. While rocks, pebbles and stones may be available at your local gardening supply store, you may be able to fine more tropical or exotic Chinese art accessories on the Internet. 

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