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Furniture:  Personalize Your Space 

It is the furniture that makes the architectural space into a useful and personal place where activities can take place with comfort & convenience.  It is not surprising then, that most people think of an interior as the same of its furnishings. You will find this page useful when planning for your furniture needs. There are many types of furnishings ranging from garden, patio, Japanese, office, to unfinished furniture to fit every taste and occasion.  

Placing your furniture at the top of utmost design needs is very important  when moving into a house or apartment.  No one considers a house a home until the furniture is carefully in place.  

The completed interiors visual character and comfort are largely derived from the furniture within. This holds true with whatever your prefer. It does not matter if it's garden or patio furniture or home and office, or if your are designing and looking for kids furniture. 

All furniture types exist in an almost infinite variety of materials, constructions, sizes and styles.  Careful planning, of course, takes place before selections are made.  Consider the space, how you use the space, your lifestyle in the space, activities performed in the space; all these decisions must be made before deciding on the furniture pieces needed for the space.   

Another decision to be made is, should the furniture piece be custom  designed and built or should it be purchased ready-made from shops, showrooms and dealers?  

Of course, specially designed furniture is more expensive but can be built to your taste, and chances are, won't be seen again and again in most homes.  Ready-made or production furniture comes in a vast variety of styles.  

It is an unfortunate fact that the most widely available furniture tends to be mediocre; badly designed and poorly made and intended to sell quickly and serve briefly before being discarded.   

Furniture only a few years old can be found in trash piles almost every day while good furniture can last a long time, as demonstrated by antiques still serviceable after hundreds of years.  

The primary issues are the same for furniture that apply to the evaluation of all design- function, structure & materials and aesthetics.


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