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Your foyer or entryway, is the first room your guest enters and should give a great first impression. How does your foyer look and feel to a first-time visitor?  Of course the best space is spatial and visual, but not all of us are fortunate to have a large entryway, so let's concentrate on making it a most visual and inviting room to walk into.  We will talk about some main components to incorporate into your foyer;  wrought iron umbrella stand, decorative plates, wall picture, large wall mirror- oval, round or square, plant stand, or a designer wall bench.

The moment of arrival in a space is always significant.  Your guests are just excited as you are to have them, and are always very curious of course, as to what your individual style is.  What better way to knock their socks off than by having them enter in a knock-out foyer! What's the first thing that will captivate them?  Is it the large oval mirror, or the interesting wall picture?  Did they notice the wrought iron umbrella stand you purchased at the local antique store?  Or is it the beautiful plant on the plant stand that grabs them?  Could be the funny wall picture of you and your honey you had framed! 

To start with, ask yourself these questions:  How does your foyer look now?  How do the arriving guests move about in the space?  Is it cluttered?  How practical is the space?  Is there room to sit on a wall bench?  Can you remove coats, shoes?  Place an umbrella stand?  Are there walls to place wall pictures?  Is there a place to set down packages, handbags, keys?  Most often, your foyer is more inviting when there is room to move with ease and is able to accommodate all the practicalities.  So first start there, and your guests will feel welcomed. 

Your foyer should have a design theme just like all the other rooms in the house. Design elements such as color, texture, style, furniture and accessories are used in this space.  Of course, if the foyer is limited, furniture may be eliminated.  Focus then, on wall pictures, plants and plant stands, area rugs, wall sconces, lighting, wall bench, and umbrella stand.  Perhaps a mirror to do last minute checks at the door.  Your foyer is a fun place to start and can leave lasting impressions for your guests.


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