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The Elegance of Fine Crystal From Waterford, Swarovski, Stemware, Mikasa, and Princess House 

Accessorizing your home decor with fine crystal can be an excellent way to add elegance to your rooms interior. There are several companies which provide the best crystal for your needs such as Waterford,  Swarovski, Stemware, Mikasa, and Princess House. Each of these supply a nice line of fine crystal selections to select from.  The brilliance and shine of having thin Waterford,  Swarovski, Stemware, Mikasa, and Princess House crystal products on display can help to transform any living space into a stately looking environment. 

So what is fine crystal? It's glass produced with lead content which may vary from 18% up to 24%.  The finer the crystal will result from high percentages of lead content.  This is only part of the formula for producing fine crystal.  The final crystal will result ultimately from the artisan who makes the pieces.  The best makers of fine crystal can be found at Waterford,  Swarovski, Stemware, Mikasa, and Princess House. 

Caring for fine crystal is easy to. Tips include, carefully washing each crystal piece separately from other dishes.  Be careful to remove any rings or other pieces of jewelry that would otherwise scratch or cause infractions in the glass while handling.  Because the glass is so thin, the slightest knock against a hard surface could result in damage to your crystal. Finally, never place fine crystal in a dishwasher but rather opt for hand-washing.  Dry each crystal piece with a soft wool-free cotton cloth to avoid scratching the surface and store safely right-side up.   

When it comes to shopping for fine crystal, it might be a good idea to look for the best quality that you can find. With vases, pitchers, and stemware, fine crystal should be just that, fine cut crystal. Avoid crystal products which are poorly polished or over-polished. The last thing you want for your fine crystal is to have a rough surface or poor detail. Store fine crystal in a cupboard leaving a little room between each piece. Never store your fine crystal upside down, this may cause the fragile lip of the glasses to crack. 



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