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Dining Room Furniture:  Planning Makes Perfect 

When planning layouts for dining room furniture, first consider the space.  Not all of us are fortunate enough to have large areas, so measure your space before choosing your sets.  Choose a shape of table to suit not only your style needs, but also the shape of the space available for it.  Round dining room furniture tables tend to give more seating in a smaller space, but remember, you will need at least 2-3 feet of space beyond the chairs to get in and out of them.  In a linear or narrow room, an oblong or rectangular table can be more aesthetically pleasing and fit the space.

Dining room furniture, in most cases, will be located just off the kitchen, but again, if you are faced with limited space, you can use the dining tables as a room divider which gives the impression of more space.  Simply add an accent rug or oriental rug underneath to clearly define its own space, to create sort of a room within a room. 

There are basically three categories you will plan around: 

  • Contemporary dining room furniture - for the modernist flavor

  • Formal dining room furniture - for the frequent guest dining entertainer

  • Casual dining room furniture - For everyday friends and family

  • Accessories: tableware (Fine crystal, plates, china, candle holders) Your can get excellent dinnerware online from names such as Swarovski, Stemware, Mikasa, and Princess House.

Try to arrange your plan and arrange your dining room furniture so that it presents an overall sense of balance, i.e., don't cram all the furniture pieces on one side or one wall; and so that it fits within your natural lifestyle.  Also consider the function of each piece and what you will need; will you need a buffet table or china hutch?  Use accommodating tableware for specific occasions. 

Another primary element when planning for dining room furniture is the lighting. Does the room have a window that allows natural lighting to come in?  Or is it void of a window and you will need an artificial light source?  

When space planning for dining room furniture, lighting plays an important part in that it will not only need general background lighting and task lighting, but what about ambience lighting for those romantic dinners? Besides a direct light source above the table, for example a chandelier, consider a dimmer switch to control the lighting for mood lighting.   


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