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Bedroom Decorating: Getting the look and feel with comfortable bedroom furniture sets, nightstands, armoires, and accessories

Shopping for the perfect bedroom furniture is a critical design element. It's one of the most sought after room designs we have come across. Why?  Because it's is one of the most important places in the house.  Did you know that we spend on average, a third of our lives in bed!  That's one reason it's important to have the right bedroom furniture. 

But bedroom decorating touches a more personal aspect of our lives, and although we spend a tremendous amount of time in bed, we ultimately don't spend a tremendous amount of time in the room.  This room is a very private and personal space that we can go to, close the door, and shut out the rest of the world.  

So what should we consider when shopping for bedroom furniture? The basic components are beds, head boards, nightstands, armoires, rugs, chairs, mirrors, and accessories such as silk plants and wall pictures. Your considerations should include design elements of harmony and relaxation and should be capable of being invigorating as well as calming, depending on our moods.  Your careful choice of color schemes & use of space in bedroom decorating will help achieve this.  Also an important decision to make is the lighting in the room.  Remember, colors act differently in various strengths of light.

Secrets to Home Decorating Success  

When you are bedroom decorating, just adorn your mattress with beautiful bed linen fabrics; like fine linen and designer pillows.  Remember, texture is another key.  Incorporate soft, fuzzy, sparkly, loops, suede, silk, leather and fur.  Where possible, use natural bedding materials.  Linen and cotton are comfortable to sleep on and absorb the sweat and perspiration deposited during sleeping. Don't use oversized dressers, chairs, armoires, head boards, and nightstands. 

Another important aspect with bedroom furniture is maintaining a clutter free environment. This area seems to invite clutter.  To achieve a sense of order and space, discipline and good spacesaver storage are essential.  By incorporating the element of organization into your bedroom decorating, this will help it to a cozy and tidy space, where you can free your mind and relax. 

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