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Home Decorating -- Antiques, Furniture and Collectables 

Antiques, Furniture and Collectibles 

Antiques come in many forms and are considered to be important accessory pieces for any room.  Antiques bring into the room a patina that can fit right in with any design style, whether traditional or contemporary.

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So what makes it an antique?  Most say it is at least one hundred years old which makes it very valuable and can bring in top dollar and that's why many antique collectors make it a business.  

There are also antique reproductions or imitations which may look like an original but is not.  These look-alikes are used widely in home decor because they are less costly and still replicate quite well the real thing.

It's quite fun to go antique shopping especially if you are looking for a specific piece such as a table or chair for your living room.  There are many flea markets and antique shops that display a nice collection.


There are many antiques to be found and are items such as furniture, quilts, cars, jewelry, books and comic books, clocks, art prints and oil paintings, dolls and toys, action figures, die cast cars, lamps and chandeliers, watches and pocket watches, guns and militaria, glassware and collectable plates, cameras, bicycles, coins, stamps, postcards and sports trading cards, rocking chairs, photos, figurines, cookie jars, vintage clothing, music and magazines and so much more!   

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